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Turkish Commercial Law and Related Legislation

The Turkish Commercial Law underwent major changes in 2012. The rules of commerce were redefined with the new Turkish Commercial Law No: 6102 getting into full effect in July 1, 2012. The new law was also followed by supplementary legislations as well as revisions in the Capital Market Law.

The new Commercial Law entirely revised the old law’s regulations related to corporations. These changes resulted in an entirely new set of regulations for corporations in areas including but not limited to corporate establishment and liquidation, general assembly meetings and management processes, auditing processes and financial tables, accounting standards, release of information requirements, rights and obligations of partners and shareholders, legal obligations and punishments, mergers, divisions and transformations, and share certificates. Altaş’s book compiles the entire legislation related to commercial law including 19 laws, 13 bylaws, 18 notifications, all related executive orders, and decisions of the Council of Ministers in their most up-to-date form as of November 2017. Altogether, this compilation provides an authoritative and easy-to-access source. By providing all legislation in one volume, the reader is able to reach at once all related legislations coming from different sources while being able to follow their interconnections.

We hope the present volume will be of help to lawyers, law scholars, certified and independent auditors, managers, and all interested readers.

Türk Ticaret Kanunu ve İlgili Mevzuat [Turkish Commercial Law and Related Legislation], Soner Altaş, Legal Publishing, İstanbul, December 2017, 1,233 pages.

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