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yeni e-konomi republished two classics by one of the founders of the Turkish tax system, Ali Alaybek, titled Gelir Vergisi Davamız (Our Revenue Tax Mission) written 70 years ago and Organik Vergi Reformu (Organic Tax Reform) written 60 years ago. The republication was possible through permission by Ms. Vicdan Nil, the only child of late Alaybek.

The books are provided to all interested readers free of charge and are shared with all university libraries.

We are very happy to make accessible again Alaybek’s seminal work, which is regarded as the foundation of the modern Turkish tax system. In line with our mission of service to community, yeni e-konomi will continue to contribute to culture and literature.

Tax and Incentives for the Information and Communication Technologies Sector Our founding partners Bülent Taş and Nazmi Karyağdı’s latest book Bilişim Sektörü için Vergi ve Teşvikler (Tax and Incentives for the Information and Communication Technologies Sector) is out by Seçkin Publications.

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