Commercial and Financial Law

Commercial & Financial Law is an area where you need to proactively identify potential risks for your company and shareholders and eliminate these before they occur. This is precisely the approach that our specialized team adopts.

We identify potential problem areas at every step of a company’s life from formation to liquidation and eliminate these problems before they may cause unnecessary financial liabilities. We are happy to provide up-to-date and effective solutions to your commercial & financial law needs in the following areas:

  • Corporate establishment,
  • Preparation of articles of association,
  • General assembly meetings,
  • Annual report,
  • Board of directors, board of managers
  • Corporate governance documents,
  • Share certificates and proof of certificates,
  • Share transfers,
  • Amendment of the articles of association,
  • Management consulting,
  • Audit reports,
  • Group companies,
  • Increasing and reducing capital,
  • Merger, division, transformation,
  • Liquidation process,
  • and other commercial & financial law-related issues you may need.

Please contact us for more information about our commercial & financial law services.

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