Corporate Governance

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply…” This familiar quote widely attributed to Goethe is one of our principles at yeni e-konomi. Not only deep theoretical knowledge but also profound experience in its application is our distinguishing asset.

We have experience in major organizational transitions in both public and private sectors. Our team were a member of the group managing the transition of the old General Directorate of Revenue to today’s Revenue Administration. We were also involved in the privatization of Turkey’s major communication company, Türk Telekom, and its transition to the free market.

It is these experiences that give us confidence in helping you manage your company’s transition to

  • customer-focused structuring,
  • strategic planning,
  • performance-based management,
  • process-based management, and
  • employee-focused human resources policies.

Our more-than-twenty-year total quality management experience taught us that quality does not occur incidentally. It needs rational planning and scientific solutions.

Our founding partner Nazmi KARYAĞDI, who brought total quality to tax management in Turkey, and his team are ready to transform your company to an innovative, competitive and quality-focused structure.

Please contact us to increase governance quality of your company and become a leader of local and global markets.

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