Corporate Relations

Along with today's increasingly complex economic, commercial, and manufacturing activities, the legislation regulating these activities has become voluminous and extremely complicated to interpret. While doing your company's business, it is very difficult—if not impossible—to keep track of legislation day by day and familiarize yourself with the finest details in impending changes. By the time you become fully aware of the implications of new regulations, the time to object or defend your rights may have already passed. Not only that but to carry out communications with the government and public institutions may also require time and effort, which otherwise could be dedicated to your business. Add to the material cost of time the frustration of unfavorable replies or rejections due to incomplete or incorrect documents.

While you devote your time and energy to your business, let us handle your communications with public institutions. Our team with decades of experience in the public sector and decentralization of legal obligations and rights can provide you the following services:

  • Determining your legal rights in disputes especially with respect to the tax-related regulations, and ensuring that you submit complete, purposeful, legally-compliant written applications.
  • Monitoring the legislation drafts concerning your company, sector, chamber, and members, and preparing written opinions and evaluations to protect your rights and eliminate possible grievances.
  • Preparing an expert opinion to defend your rights in administrative and judicial proceedings in disputes between your company and public institutions, providing written and oral counsel about the legal ways to follow.
  • Identifying your legal rights that you may have forgotten or overlooked, and preparing written opinions, applications, or objections in order to reacquire these rights.
  • Determining the status of your company and preparing a road map in case of legal disputes resulting from alleged failure to fulfill legal obligations.
  • Keeping abreast of legislation amendments that may affect your company and providing regular and timely updates informing you about these amendments.

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