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Family businesses—the locomotive of the Turkish economy—have unique structures and needs compared to other companies. For family enterprises, the family, business, and governance are inseparable. This inseparability lends itself to unique needs, risks, and opportunities. This is where we come in. Family Compass® is built to address these needs, risks, and opportunities, and ensures the sustainability, growth, and continuity of your business through generations.

With their interdisciplinary background in psychology, finance, management, and law, the Family Compass® team are ready to meet all needs of your family business.

The Family Compass® includes two phases: During the Situation Analysis phase, our team identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of your family business. Please contact us to get more information about the Family Compass® Situation Analysis method.

Following the Situation Analysis, we present you a road map addressing the needs of your family business. We work with you at each and every step along the way implementing the necessary changes. The main services we will be happy to provide to your family business are:

  • Strengthening the corporate structure of your family business.
  • Preparing and implementing a strategic plan in accordance with your family values.
  • Developing financial structures and plans.
  • Devising and implementing conflict resolution mechanisms.
  • Planning for and assisting in transfer of ownership and management to the next generation.
  • Building mechanisms for managing family human resources.
  • Writing the family constitution and forming the family council.
  • Providing education and career consulting for the new generation.
  • Planning and managing your family business philanthropy.

Following the implementation of all changes addressing your family business needs, Family Compass® will always be right by you for any follow-ups and revisions. Please contact us for more information about the Family Compass.®

yeni e-konomi


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