Investment Incentives and Supports

The government and the public sector offer considerable investment incentives and supports to companies to develop, grow, and become globally competitive. However, the legislation governing these incentives and supports are very complex and require time and effort to follow and comply.

Among the complex world of incentive and support regulations, our team can guide to safe havens while you focus just on your business. We will not only identify the best incentives and supports for you but also accompany you through the entire process of benefitting from these incentives. Your company will grow confidently and get ahead in the competition while public incentives and supports no longer remain as unknown or unusable.

We offer consulting services for various incentive and support schemes including

  • supports for exporters
  • supports for investors
  • supports for technical consultants abroad
  • supports for trading foreign exchange earning services
  • regional investment incentives
  • sectoral support & investment incentives
  • large scale & strategic investment incentives
  • R & D and Teknokent incentives,
  • Attraction center incentives
  • Branding incentives
  • Supports for SMEs

Please contact us not to get lost in the incentives labyrinth but to find the right incentives and supports for your company.

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