Support in Tax and Other Financial Obligations

Tax is a very essential element of commercial life. Taxpayers fulfill their obligation in accordance with a very complex legislation. Whereas the tax administration needs to support taxpayers to fulfill their obligations and oversee the whole system, the judiciary is in charge of resolution of disputes between taxpayers and the tax administration.

Bringing together the country’s best tax experts who served as tax auditors in the public sector, who took part in writing up and implementing tax legislation, and who structured tax management of one of the largest communication and IT technology groups in Turkey, yeni e-konomi is ready to be a reliable partner in addressing your tax-related needs in the following areas:

  • Fulfillment of financial obligations related to tax, treasury share, and universal services contribution shares.
  • Tax audit and certification of the tax audit.
  • Tax refund process.
  • Support in tax audits, settlements, and litigation.
  • Providing regular and timely updates related to changes in tax legislations,
  • Public accounting reporting services required by the commercial law & other related legislation.

Please contact us for more information about our tax and other financial obligations support services.

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