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Our founding team consist of experts who have decades of experience in different specializations and backgrounds. Each of us had different career paths and different stories but eventually came together around the same goal: Helping companies achieve sustainable success and continuity. With this goal in mind, we developed the unique consulting services you see on this website.


The defining feature of yeni e-konomi is our reliance on an interdisciplinary approach. We are witnessing social and economic changes—perhaps at a historically unprecedented rate— mainly instigated by developments in information technologies. What this rapidly changing landscape means for businesses is extremely hard—if not impossible—to analyze through a single perspective. Therefore, we assembled a team of experts with complementary specialties, ranging from human factors to social security to law, from finance to strategic planning. Our services are not a mere sum of different perspectives but rather reflect the unique synergy resulting from our interdisciplinary makeup.


First and foremost, we are deeply committed to business ethics. We provide consulting services only in areas where our team possess strong expertise. We never compromise honesty or integrity.

We believe consulting creates a value and benefit to the businesses we serve only when it is produced with an interdisciplinary scientific approach.

And most important, we believe that contributing to the sustainability and continuity of our country’s businesses is an important service to our community and country.


  • We provide fast and proactive service in line with new economic and market realities.
  • We are not only consultants but also allies with the businesses we serve.
  • We provide reliable and business-focused solutions.
  • We are pioneers in all areas of consulting services we provide.
  • We inform all stakeholders of the opportunities arising from local and global developments.
  • We are not only open to but also part of change.
  • We are always in active communication with the businesses we serve and with all our stakeholders.

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