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Neither one penny less nor one penny more. The BT&NK Tax Planning Model (BT&NK TPM) does not avoid or evade tax. Developed by Bülent Taş and Nazmi Karyağdı, the BT&NK TPM is a strategic tax management model.

The complexity of economic activities and tax legislation create high levels of uncertainty and risk for all taxpayers. An often-neglected fact, however, is that taxes are also crucial incentive tools. Tax exclusions and tax credits provide opportunities to invest and grow. Based on Taş and Karyağdı’s decades of experience in tax inspection, management, and execution in both public and private sectors, the BT&NK Tax Planning Model analyzes both risks and opportunities.

The BT&NK TPM helps your company make the right tax calls. The model informs the clients on inaccuracies and deficiencies in their current tax management system and helps with tax compliance technologies.

The BT&NK TPM eliminates all tax-related risks while maximizing benefits from tax credits and incentives.

With the BT&NK Tax Planning Model your company will

  • realistically manage risk,
  • turn opportunities to economic values,
  • build a favorable and positive tax approach and solid tax management structure,
  • not deal with unnecessary taxes, interests, and penalties,
  • and enjoy taxpayer rights at the maximum level.

Please contact us for more information about the BT&NK Tax Planning Model.

yeni e-konomi


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