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research by the new e-conomy team gets scientific and popular press attention!

Relying on a scientific, data-based approach is a defining premise of our work at new e-conomy. Our founding partner Dr. Emre Selçuk’s research, which also provides one of the bases of our family business consulting model, the Family Compass®, has been published in recent years in numerous high-impact, prestigious scientific journals including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Psychological Science, Health Psychology, Journal of Marriage and Family, Current Directions in Psychological Science, and Journal of Family Psychology. His work also received attention by popular press, including esteemed newspapers such as the Independent, the Telegraph, and the Daily Mail. Dr. Selçuk’s research showed that individuals who perceived their spouse as responsive—i.e., understanding, validating, and caring—enjoyed greater happiness and physical health in the years to come. In fact, individuals with responsive spouses exhibited even lower mortality risk.

Selçuk also investigated the daily life mechanisms underlying these long-term effects. He found that strong marriages protect spouses against the adverse effects of daily stressors (such as work problems), help them sleep better, and keep their stress hormone levels at healthy levels. According to Dr. Selçuk, family relationships not only affect our happiness and physical health but they are also the key to a satisfying and productive work life. Dr. Selçuk is a member of our team who developed the Family Compass®, our unique model for helping family businesses maximize the advantages of being involved in the business as a family and ensure the continuity of their enterprise for generations.

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